Any friendships or relationships you regret? :)

Nope! I don’t believe in regrets.

Everything happened the way it should have happened. Everything that took place in my past led me towards becoming who I am today and I’m at peace with who I am, what I’m doing/ have done and where I am. I don’t regard mistakes or disappointments as what they are, I see them as points in my life during which I was given the chance to become stronger and essentially nearer to where I want need to be in life.

Whatever path we’re taking in life is unique and made for each one of us only. Everything that comes with it will always hold a blessing in disguise, be it in the form of a moment of enlightenment, improvement of self, or introduction of something/ someone into Your life, regardless of whether You see it or not at first. We’ve got to have faith that we’re being taken care of during our time on Earth and be excited about all the surprises that are in store for us! It truly is a great day to be alive!


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