A Response to Miriam’s “Machines”


As I came back from the Gym yesterday, I plonked my Gym essentials on my couch before seating myself down in front of the computer – I had many musings at the Gym and really wanted to document them.

It has become a habit of mine to constantly check up on my friend’s blogs – As I’ve mentioned previously in a post on Why I love YouTube, living alone does this thing to me where I find myself craving for a little human touch in my life: maybe a voice, a literal touch or even a distinct scent.

Reading about my friends’ experiences in life in the form of their blog posts helps me achieve that too as I imagine the posts being read in their voices, so that’s just what I did at that moment… 

I clicked the little button on my Internet browser’s Favourites bar which reads “Miriam’s blog” and as I read her recent posts, paragraph by paragraph, line by line, one thought after another sprouted in my mind. I just adore how she never fails to make me think and reassess what I do and how I think. She’s got a magnifying glass on life like no one else I’ve met.

“I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents.” Marla Gibbs

“Life will give You whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of Your consciousness.” – Eckhart Tolle.

I was reading her post on “Machines” and I realised the similarities between the reasons we visit YouTube: it’s to fill the silence that comes with living alone. I barely watched YouTube in Singapore and just like Miriam, the frequency of me heading over to this video-sharing site has sky-rocketed. Also similarly enough, I imposed a YouTube ban on myself, whereby I would only allow myself to watch YouTube videos within the first hour of waking up (when I’m preparing my breakfast + eating it thereafter) and within my last waking hour at night as a little ‘gift’ to myself after a day of work.

I also made it a point to watch at least 2 TED Videos a day because they’re absolutely brilliant and at times when I lose my bearings in life, I find that they do exceptionally well at guiding me back in the right – or sometimes better – direction.



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