#LJIL; October ‘15

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From experiencing the pleasant surprise of waking up to spotted bananas on several occasions, to musing over how good suited guys look on bikes, to watching Dalmatians frolicking around the meadow, to noticing the peculiar smell of salted mashed potatoes along a bridge I crossed and to falling asleep to Ellie Goulding’s cover of Your Song,… I think I’ve had a brilliant October this year.

I recall an incident in the train that I experienced recently. A male not much older than myself, with the cheekiest set of bunny teeth and the rosiest of cheeks, was staring at his phone’s screen and grinning from ear to ear. I was reminded of an incident my sister had in the MRT once, during which she was smiling because of a text message she received before she looked up to incidentally lock her vision with a man in the train carriage.

He grinned back at her.

I honestly think that if I were present at the scene, I would’ve very possibly ended up in stitches!

Regardless of its comicality, it’s a great representation of the contagiousness of happiness or positive energy and I thought I’d share a couple of my little joys from October. Hopefully they’d put a smile on Your face, just as they did for me!

1. A Pleasant Surprise

I very recently changed my Tumblr handle from “stefinthemaking” to “stefanienatascha”, and with it came a lot of fixes in the html and all the applications I was linking to my Tumblr page. For instance, Instagram, Googly AnalyticsYouTube, Bloglovin’, among a couple others.

Editing on Google Analytics’ site led me to discovering something very very sweet that a couple of my friends were doing. Before I get to that, I thought I’d do a little explanation on Google Analytics. It is a little something like a Dashboard on which I enjoy an overview of all sorts of data from my blog – both accumulated over time and real time. This means that I’d be able to track where my readers are from, when they are readers on my blog, how long they remain on my blog, what my readers are reading, and how they came about finding my blog.

This was when I found out that some of my readers were redirected to my blog from some of my friends’ blogs, namely Miriam’sJasmine’s, Clare’s and Camellia’s. Thank You, friends. :’)

I’ve linked all of their blogs above for when You may fancy a read of their beautiful beautiful thoughts. Xx

2. The Voice of an Angel

She’s got a voice that could move mountains. Oh Heavens, this friend of mine… she’s going places.

Speaking of music, I found myself very amused (and missing AC very very much too) as I gave it a listen: “College, This is the End of Assembly, Please Rise.”

Whoever did this, “YOU GO GIRL/ GUY!!”

I just realised how awkward it is to actually say “You go… guy(?)!!” 🙊

3. Wise Words

Like in archaeology, excavations take time, and excavating the treasures of one’s heart to others is always risky business because the heart is a fragile thing. I totally understand that it will take a while to make truly deep friendships, but we have to remember that those are definitely ones worth waiting for. – Miriam

Have a picnic lunch most days, carry your own bags, wash your socks/underwear in an hotel sink, book your tickets in advance to avoid price hikes, walk or catch the metro and use free local maps. Just remember the goal is not to come home with more money than you intended or be able to say you only spent X amount of dollars… the goal is to enjoy the trip you have saved your hard earned pennies for and come home with memories to last a lifetime. – Brooke Saward, founder of World of Wanderlust

A friend is someone who makes You feel like dancing when You’re down and gives You a hug despite all circumstances. – Char

I came across this quote once: “Don’t judge others for sinning differently than You.” How can anyone quantify what is good and what is bad, and which is more significant that the other to tip the balance and place You in those categories? – Alex

The circumstances You are experiencing are not the cause of Your suffering. The cause of Your suffering is the thoughts that what is happening should not be happening or is not supposed to be happening. – Teal Swan, from her YouTube upload: Uncertainty (How to Deal with Uncertainty)

4. “This octopus isn’t real, right?”

Miriam recently introduced me to the wonderful world of “cupofjo” articles, where one could find brilliant articles on topics such as Style, Food, Design, Travel, Relationships and Motherhood.

I learned that little dudes would say things like “Mama! You got a delicious haircut!”, which brushes were best for tangles, a genius way to teach one’s child not to interrupt and six words to say to one’s child among other things.

I was spending a quiet, chilly and lavender-scented (I had my Lavender Candle lit) afternoon in the comforts of my little room browsing through cupofjo when I chanced upon an article of a three-year-old Brazilian child explaining why he’s a Vegetarian.

P.s. If You were wondering what the six words are, I quote: “College athletes were asked what their parents said that made them feel great, that amplified their joy during and after a ballgame. Their overwhelming response: ‘I love to watch you play.’

5. Cocowhip!!

A couple of weeks back, my sister messaged me to inform me of a new Vegan Soft Serve store opening in Singapore!! I invested a little time to finding out more about this new visitor.


The world’s first Vegan & Bio-Fermented Coconut Soft Serve
A soft-serve frozen treat and the first of its kind: by using only Coconut Water, Organic Bio-Fermented Coconut Powder & Vegetable Sourced stabilisers, CocoWhip is a vegan, gluten and dairy-free dessert packed with a far superior nutritional value to any other frozen dessert on the market including Acai Bowls & Frozen Yoghurt Desserts.

Coconut Water for complete hydration, Biofermented Probiotics for gut & intestinal health, highly nutritious superfoods for maximum performance and energy. CocoWhip is completely free of Dairy, Soy, Gluten & is 100% Vegan friendly. There are four CocoWhip variants (Coconut, Maqui, Cacao Bliss, Matcha Slim), each offering unique nutritional value characteristics along with the option of adding Veganola.

Source: (1) & (2)

Its concept is brilliant and the maker’s eye for nutritional value is out of this world. Do let me know how Your trip goes if any one of You end up slurping up this goodness in the near future. 🙂

6. Ente Gut Alles Gut

I was recently standing by a pillar as I waited for my friend to arrive. I was absorbed in replying her message as she informed me of her late arrival when I suddenly saw a pair of aged boots appear at the upper rim of my vision. I looked up to realise that an elderly man had approached me. He sported a fringe of silvery-grey hair around his balding scalp and a toothless smile to complement his emerald green twinkling eyes.

“Hallo!”, I piped.

He shifted his balance on his cane, stretched his left arm out and pointed to my jacket before pointing at the poster on the pillar. “Dieselbe Jacke!” (“The same jacket!)

“Genau!” (“That’s right!) I couldn’t help but giggle at the hilarity of the situation. It was a true coincidence that my jacket was being features on the pillar beside me.

The old man grinned and proudly exclaimed “Save The Duck!” before turning around and walking away with a limp.

It was such an adorable encounter. It still brings a smile to my now as I write about it. :’)

‘Save The Duck’ is my jacket’s brand and if I’d say so myself, the concept behind it is pretty darn brilliant.


< Credit >

7. Being Organised & Keeping on Track

Two mornings ago, I was awoken by a text which read “DOOWwwnnnnload Fliqlo now now now!!!” and which was ensued by a spam of exclamation marks. What a swilly (sweet-silly) friend, I thought. :’)

Groggy me stumbled over to my laptop and did a little bit of googling to find out that Fliqlo was a fancy brand name for a Flip Clock Screensaver (as shown below).


I’ve been looking around for a fancy screen saver with which I could still track my time even as I turn my attention to paper-based work and my computer slips into sleep mode, and this seems to be it!

If You’re interested, here’s the link to where You’d be able to get it for Yourself as well: http://fliqlo.com



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