The Cloth around my Neck


Being a summer kid, I thrive on flats, sandals, dresses, shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, rompers, three-quarter pants, skirts, and perhaps cardigans for rainy days.

Ever since I moved to Munich and now experiencing Autumn for the first time in my life, I
began to realise how the variety of winter styles was very limited: boots/ running shoes (but only with very thick socks or… 2 layers of socks if You will), jeans, T-shirt/ long-sleeved blouse + cardigan/ woven sweater/ pullover, a scarf and a coat to pull the look altogether.

Considering the fact that all jeans pretty much look the same, that my autumn/ winter shoe collection consists of a pair of running shoes and a pair of boots, and that my coat collection is made up of one mustard-coloured coat and another navy blue-coloured coat, it started to seem as though I was leaving the house without getting a change of clothes daily. That is, unless I took off my coat to reveal my inner wear!

As long as I was able to keep myself warm, looks didn’t really matter to me. Thus it really
wasn’t an issue for me to go about with the same few sets of clothing as long as I knew they were clean (and smell good!).

I told Alex – aka. my 24/7 fashion assistant – about this and she shared with me about how she thought that “scarves make any outfit effortlessly chic, and because they’re quite a statement piece, one can repeat the same outfit but switch the scarf and none will be the wiser”.

I spent the next few weeks playing around with scarves, and oh Heavens,… Alex my dear, You are a genius.

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