🍂 Autumn fades in like a softly sung hymn. 🍂 (+ Stuffed Pepper Recipe)


It’s such a beautiful time of the year. Soon our greens will be green no more and all which surrounds us will be aflame – a riot of gold and red. For that brief time our eyes will rise from the damp concrete paths to the beauty above, watching each leaf as it makes its final dance to Mother Earth and lays out the welcome mat for winter.

It is my first time experiencing Fall and I must say that it is new experiences such as this one, for which I live. As I realised how I begun to leave my heaters switched on for longer periods in day, how my summer clothing got shoved to the back of my closer/ I more frequently reached for sweaters and cardigans, and most conspicuously of all, how daylight hours have been shortened drastically from 5+am – 9+pm merely 2 months ago to 7+am – 6+pm nowadays.

My Dad told me that during this period, every other sunrise and every other sunset will happen 3 minutes later and earlier respectively than the day before. In essence, daylight hours will effectively shorten by 6 minutes every day UNTIL we reach the shortest day of the year (i.e. the day with the shortest daylight hours) on the 21st of December.

When pumpkin patches appear… EVERYWHERE, when waiters of outdoor-seating cafés place blankets on their seats, when winds could get so great on some days they literally threaten to blow cyclists off their bikes, when the roads are littered with leaves of every earthy colour imaginable, when road sweepers appear to grow increasingly irritated (because… LEAVES ABOUND!!), or when temperatures could soar above 25degC one day and drop to 2degC the next…

… One definitely knows Fall has arrived.

Title: The Magic In The Moment

The wind began to blow
And shook the trees
Heads turned up in unison
Witnessing a season of change

The leaves were freed from their branches
Floating and swinging through the air
Painting the sky with golden colors
Dancing their way to the ground

The wind blew again
And the trees shook
Whispers in the wind:
“It’s good luck to catch a leaf!”

Searching and turning
Arms opening wide
Hands held high
Watching the leaves dance in the sky

They swirled, turned and swept me
Off my feet
Dodging and scooping
The magic in the moment

– Danielle Spencer


I hope all of You are doing well as we inch into the end of the year. Sometimes I wake up finding myself being mind-blown at the fact that the past ¾ of this year has already flown past. It’ll soon be Halloween and then the commencement of Winter would mean Christmas would knock on our doors soon before we celebrate the welcoming of 2016. TWENTY SIXTEEN, my friends. I do hope that all of You are doing something everyday that Your future self will thank You for. Gosh this life we have is simply so short if we think about how sneakily time slips away from our hands. Treasure the present for it truly is a gift to be alive in such a magical day and age (read: magical if one makes it to be; You are in control of YOUR own happiness).

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

My stomach was grumbling by the time I got home after school that day – the cold just makes me eat and eat and eattttt. It gives me good reason to carb up though, so I really am not complaining. 😋

I scanned my kitchen pantry and saw bell peppers (1.5 – 2 times the size of my clenched up fists 😻!!), tomatoes, coriander, sweet potatoes, quinoa, rice and cous cous. So…

💥BAM💥 this happened:


Peppery, currylicious roasted carb- & protein-stuffed pepper topped with coriander and oregano, with a side of whole branch tomatoes and heavenly sweet mangoes for dessert!!! 🙈 It was truly something – hands down an ‘Autumn chart-buster’ in my book of recipes!

I hope You’re all enjoying Fall’s harvest during this time of year, wherever You may be. Off to make a bowl of ‘Choco Nice Cream’ for myself now, have a Blessed Sunday, Friends. Xx


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