Improve your life in just a month.


1. Donate/throw away all triggering things. This even means deleting those old messages that kind of hurt, but you have yet to erase.

2. Go for a walk. Look at all the flowers and trees. If you see a little buggy, stop and say hello. Look at the clouds. Feel the weight lifted from ridding your life of the negative things that triggered you.

3. Drink more water. (today and tomorrow and the next day and the next,etc)

4. Wake up and stretch.

5. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re beautiful, no matter what you believe. Try to find things you like about yourself and then tell them to yourself aloud. Write them down to remember later. (P.S. You really are beautiful.)

6. Make a tangible goal that you could do today. Reward yourself when you accomplish it.

7. Go to bed a little early, or sleep in! A little extra z’s can do wonders on how you feel.

8. What are some things you have always wanted to try? What are you waiting for? Get started!

9. Declutter your wallet, purse, car, room, office. Clean up and visualize yourself clearing away the negative and stagnant energy.

10. Try meditating for 10 minutes. Continue this everyday if you’d like.

11. Tap into your creative nature! Paint, draw, dance, play guitar, write something,etc.

12. Get dressed up for no reason.. or make a reason! Get out of the house and do something, even if you catch a movie alone. It can actually be fun going solo. If that’s not your thing, ask a friend, family member or a significant other to come, too. 

13.  Eat clean today. Try to add in more fruits in vegetables to each meal.

14. Do yoga. If you don’t know any poses, just type in beginners yoga in youtube, something you can do will show up!

15. Find yourself a really good book. If reading isn’t your thing, find some new positive music to listen to.

16. What are the things that make you happy? Make a list and try to include as much as you can within your day. (and every day after this)

17. Try to spend today outside as much as you can. Walk around barefoot and take pictures. 

18. Start your journey on learning something new. Learn how to say “I love you” in as many languages as you can. Learn how to crochet, or make origami. Learn how to juggle, dance, play an instrument. Learn how to make bread from scratch. Chose something of interest to you.

19. Make a list of everything your grateful for.

20. Try to think and say only positive things today. If you catch yourself thinking or saying something negative, it’s okay, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just try to stop and start over. You’ll realize how often you aren’t so positive. Try to eliminate the negativity slowly from now on.

21. Compliment three people today.

22. Remember that list of the things you like about yourself? Add more to it. Read it to yourself aloud.

23. Watch a comedy act or a funny movie. Have a good laugh.

24. Remove negativity from you life. You can stop talking to those who make you feel bad about yourself,. You can change jobs. You can unfollow the blogs that post too many sad things and triggers you. You have the right to chose what is and isn’t in your life.

25.  Do a random act of kindness. Send a positive anon to someone. Pay for someone’s meal, or give the homeless man or woman that you always see a burger. Do something nice for someone.

26. Make a change. Do you want to dye your hair or get a new cut? Do you want to become vegetarian or vegan? Do you want to stop a bad habit? Do you want to start loving yourself more and be confident?

27. Join a club or a group.. or just make some new friends.

28. Watch less T.V. Spend less time online. Spend less time playing video games. Minimize the amount of time you use on technology, and increase the time you spend with friends, and family and just living.

29. Be a kid again. Play tag or hide and go seek. Climb trees, spin around in circles in the grass, play Connect-Four or a card game. Make a blanket fort.

30. Make a bucketlist. 


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