Thank You, Dearest Friends


Imagine this.

For the second semester of school, You were posted to a location, MUCH further away (about 8km further) from a location You had grown to become so incredibly fond of. You’re pretty much still a new kid in the neighbourhood and adding on to the fact that even though You enjoy adventures, You’re not a fan of radical and sudden change. Simply put, venturing so far out would require quite a truckload of courage.

After the first day of spending an hour cycling to school and another hour cycling back home, on top of 3.5 hours worth of curriculum that day, it would be 2pm when You’d finally get home. The last few hours have been spent fighting Your fears of getting too lost (I say “too” because hey, getting a little lost could prove to kindaaaaa fun haha) and maintaining a front of strength as You battled against searing exhaustion in Your muscles as You made Your way up loads of inclined areas. On top of that, temperatures dropped below 5°C that morning, sigh.

As You walk out of the lift and head towards Your apartment, You’d think of nothing else but to get something in Your stomach and finishing the pile of homework due the next day. Simply put, your spirits were pretty much down and drained after a gruelling morning.

But get this, suddenly a yellow DHL box stares back at You from the corner of Your front door. It read:


Oh dear goodness.

I cried. *jumps around for joy* Gosh Hiu wai (yes I know You like Your “W”s small hahaha) You’re such an angel. ♥


“What a grand thing, to be loved! What a grander thing still, to love!” ― Victor Hugo

Holding the little gifts and knowing that merely a few days ago, they were in YOUR hands I couldn’t help but feel a connection to You and feeling as though You are nearer than You actually are.

I remember feeling the same way when a letter from Miriam a few weeks back arrived in my mail box. Or when I video called Alex or Niki. :’) Or simply through the lovely messages I’d receive through WhatsApp or Instagram – talking about Mr Siow with Yi Herng, totems with Dhan, quirky poses with Alex, Nala with Nat, life in general & potential meet-ups with Miriam, museums with Joana, football with Char, AC updates with Margey, catching up with Niki/ Jasmine/ Lauren/ Hui Yi/ Ellie/ Ben/ Puts, uni with Uma, food puns with Kelly, blue skies with Afiqah (hahaha), etc etc. Gosh You’ll never know how much I treasure these little connections I have to the very people I hold so close to my heart. I bet You’re all angels from heaven, in disguise as humans on Earth. My heart bursts with gratitude and love for You, be sure of that.

Thank You all for blessing me this much. ♥ I apologise for my inadequacy when it comes to reply though. 😦 I’m still finding it a little difficult to juggle all this ‘new-ness’, but I have hope that it’ll get better!

P.s. With regards to snail mail, I’ve been having some problems sending them back to Singapore because of the recent Post strike we had here recently, BUT the mails should be on their way. So if You’ve mailed me a letter recently, something is coming Your way. 😉


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