Maybe this is the main path all along. It was almost fate. At some point, you and I were going to collide against each other, like ocean waves meeting and becoming one. Breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful. Something meant to be seen and noted. Still I wonder how many nights the moon waited for this intersection. I wonder how many times the sun tried to shine light towards you. But no matter how many instances our paths crossed, we had to take other roads to get to where we are now. We weren’t ready then. Not until now. Still I think I was meant to meet you all along. Everything goes back to you. To this poignant moment of my journey – of yours too. In the end, I wasn’t too early, and you weren’t too late. It was just right. We’re each other’s end point on the map we’ve been holding onto and following for ages. I think that even if I took it slow or you boarded the second bus, even if I ran through a red light or you took a left turn, we would still find our way. Right here. Right in each other’s arms. You’d still stumble upon me or I’d fall onto you, and we’d catch each other at the next flight of every lifetime.

(NJ.) // where you are is where I want to be
(via nostalgicjoy)

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