Here’s to you, you were the one who taught me that looks aren’t always everything you weren’t the cutest but boy were you beautiful, my heart ached when I no longer had you.
Here’s to you, you saw that I was hurt over him so you took advantage and told me you understood, you said you’ll make me feel better and you did but it only made it worse.
Here’s to you, you were my best friend and at the moment I thought why not.
Here’s to you, I loved you for a while but you became too obsessed and that’s not what love is supposed to feel or look like.
Here’s to you, you came to me one morning seven minutes in heaven turned into two and I never saw you again, until a few days ago. God you’re still beautiful.
Here’s to you, you only called me up when you were lonely, told me you loved me so I would stay but by then I knew better.
Here’s to you, I actually loved and still continue to love you taught me what it was to fight for someone and you taught me what true happiness was.
Here’s to you, I pretend we never happened just like you do.. But even she knows it.
Here’s to you, you were mad at me for something and I was done apologizing but you wanted more.
Here’s to you, your kisses felt like you meant it and when you kissed me I thought you did but you’re with her now and I’m happy for you, I really am for real.
Here’s to you, you were so nice when I was in your arms. But when I was gone “slut” was my new name.
Here’s to you, you promised you wouldn’t do that to me, you promised you wouldn’t make a move, you did and I gave in, then you ignored me so I packed up and left and never saw you again.
Here’s to you, it would’ve been better if you would’ve kept your mouth shut. I actually thought that we could’ve been something. Guess I was wrong.
Here’s to you, stop acting like you’re a saint. I know you’re not. I won’t be fooled. By now I know how the game is played, Ive been playing all along.
Here’s to you, thank you for your time.


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