Into The Wild


“I’m always astonished by a forest. It makes me realise that the fantasy of nature is much larger than my own fantasy. I still have things to learn.” ― Gunter Grass

Mama Voelker and little sis finally safely arrived in Munich on the 1st of September, at 5.15am, 20 minutes earlier than scheduled at 5.35am. After waking up at 4.15am, rushing through breakfast, running through the apartment complex because it was a little too dark and eerie for my liking (hahahaha) and driving 37 minutes towards the airport, everything finally became worth it when I saw my Mum and sister emerging from the Terminal 2 and embracing me in a hug I’ve been yearning for for the past 2 months. The wait just made this reunion all the more sweeter. :’)

We spent the next few hours catching up on life and I showed them around the compound – where I go grocery shopping, and I even took my little sis for a trip to the nearby Olympia Einkaufszentrum (OEZ, a shopping hub) to purchase a hairdryer for our Mum and a sweet-looking synthetic leather tote bag for my sister herself! After we retreated to our humble abode after the shopping trip, it wasn’t too long (around 3pm) before my Mum and sister went to bed and called it a day. Understandable considering the 12.5-hour flight on top of the 6-hour time difference between Singapore and Germany in the summer.

Wednesday was another day of adventures around town – introducing them to my favourite Café, Gratitude, and soaking in the upbeat atmosphere of Marienplatz and Stachus. It got slightly rainy, but nothing a Rosa pink raincoat couldn’t fix. 😉

That was pretty much it in Munich before we set off for Austria on Thursday after I went to school to do a short check on my exam papers from the previous week. We ended up leaving Munich around 2.30pm and arrived in Zell am See around 5.30-ish pm, meaning we still had time to do a bit of grocery shopping before our favourite Maxi-Markt closed for the day at 7.30pm that day. 🙂

We woke up to a cool Friday morning with a temperature ranging in the teens. The sun fought through the clouds and blessed the entire valley with beautiful, warm golden rays. :’) We decided to replicate a hike I did with my Dad a month and a half ago (read: The Alcoholic Goat), so we got into hiking gear – hiking shoes, sticks and all – and embarked on the brave effort!

Enjoy the few impressions we got along the way! :’)


Mama: They sound like Formula 1 cars.
Me: Who or what?
Mama: The cows!!

She’s a gem. :’)

In all seriousness, the cows really did sound like they were moaning!! I’ve never heard anything like it. It wasn’t really a “moo” but more of a “MOOOOAAAARGHGHGHGHHHH”. Insanely surreal!! Don’t worry though, for no cows were harmed hahaha they were simply communicating with one another. 🙂


We’re well into the season of blueberries and thus have been really lucky to be in the midst of a sea of bluebs as we navigated through the tracks in the forest. Imagine the freedom of snacking on nature’s candy as we trudged along the gravel, and being in the slightly exhausted state that we were in. T’was absolutely magical to say the least. :’)

I did a little video compilation of our adventure through the greenery. Have a go at playing the video I embedded below if You’re interested! 🙂

** Remember to switch it up to HD by clicking on the ‘gear icon’ (bottom right) for better video quality. **

Ref. to 0:12 when my sister and I were clearly overly enthusiastic about the fact that temperatures got low enough for our exhaled breaths to produce little ‘white clouds’ (not too sure if I caught it on camera though!): Mama Voelker clearly wasn’t – she was totally judging us HAHAHAHA love You, Mama.

Ref. to 1:12 when brown chunks appear on the ground. They’re actually cow poop hahaha!


“Take a picture of me with this flower! We can send this picture to Papa later!” ― Mama

A little floral loving never hurt – I think I know where I get my love for flowers from!! :’)


Aaaaaand a close up of the violet beauty snuggled in the midst of the majestic greenery around it. Pretty impressive, isn’t she? :’)

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation.”
― Osho


“Zwei gegen den Rest der Welt.” 

I’ve got Your back, little one (although I’m physically the little one)!


About two hours into the forest, we felt a little drizzle coming our way, and knowing how insane downpours could get in the Alps, as well as considering the fact that we probably weren’t as well equipped for rain, we decided to head back even though we haven’t reached the peak of Hundstein yet.

We savoured every moment regardless. As we made our descend towards where we parked our car, the little droplets transformed the still forest into something that resembled a magic wonderland that would breathe life into anyone who walked through it. The animals began making their presence known and the plants seemed to have been awakened from their slumber. Look at how fresh and alive the mushrooms looked as they fought their way through the soil!

As the forest awoke, so did our souls. ♥


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