I probably should have been studying…


But no regrets whatsoever, because I am pretty sure I gained much more deciding to go out for a run and enjoy the sun rather than stay cooped up in the apartment and feeling sucky about:

1. Missing out on getting valuable Vitamin D under the gorgeous sun;
2. Having gone through the same set of notes (studying for an exam I had last Friday on the 28th of August!!) for probably the 50th time;
3. Having not exercised other than the short 40-minute bike ride earlier in the day.

After the past week of rain and insane winds, we finally have been blessed with another dose of warmth and I don’t know… haha I just felt the need to digitally document the little joys that came with summer. :’)

Plus, the swelling in my injured knee after the fall earlier this week was noticeable going down, so I thought it was about time I went about a little bit of exercising.

So here’s a little (extremely shaky, I’m sorry!!! I was running with my camera in my hand for a large majority of the recording hahaha AND I have a newfound respect for all vloggers out there – it was pretty difficult trying to look normal as I spoke to an electronic device in public!!!) video I put together from my sweaty adventure around Olympiapark as I discovered Munich’s version of The Santa Monica Stairs.

Ahhh just so many positive vibes :’) Did you spot the raven and the bees and the rabbits? Being in the midst of such lovely creatures made me feel as though I was Giselle from Disney’s movie Enchanted, you know that scene where she “Alright everyone, let’s tidy things up!” and all the animals got about cleaning the house. I’ve linked it *here* if you’re
interested. 🙂 I’ve got to be honest – I think it’d be pretty cool to be living in the midst of animals and going about life with them. There’s just so much more to living than being cooped up within the four walls of our homes. Go out – or rather back – into Nature. :’) I find it to be the best way to put a reset on my mind, body and soul – it simply makes me feel whole again.


I returned to the apartment about 1.5 hours later, with a camera full of footage, muscles screaming for a break, a tummy craving for some Vegan Tabouleh, a heart full of love, a soul beaming with delight, and a mind overflowing with peace and tranquillity.

I was absolutely pumped for another round of revision. Bring it onnnnnnnn…

“Work out like your life depends on it, because it does.” – Anonymous


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