Pinakothek der Moderne


Sundays get a little quiet in Munich.

After a morning of ‘washing machine-ing’, ironing, sweeping, wiping, gardening, doing my homework and Skyping with lovely Niki, it was time to meet Yun Wei and Kim at the ‘ring of the Pinakotheks’. It basically is a district near Türkenstraße, where three big museums stand, namely the ‘Neue (New) Pinakothek’, the ‘Alte (Old) Pinakothek’ and the ‘Pinakothek der Moderne (Pinakothek of the Modern)’.

After parking my bike in front of the ‘Neue Pinakothek’, I turned around to see ‘her’ looking back at me hahahah I couldn’t help but snap a shot of this cheeky statue. I guess this is what I love about museums – everything that comes with them are so… far out. The art pieces evoke emotions in my heart and encourage thoughts to blossom in my mind. It always is a pleasure to be enriched in this way I guess. :’)

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” – Cesar Cruz


A few minutes later, I met up with my friends and after a few minutes of deliberation about which of the three Pinakotheks we were going to visit that day, we decided on the ‘Pinakothek der Moderne’ and began our short walk there immediately. As we arrived at the location, I was absolutely blown away by the magnificent structures that came with the very modern museum.

The building itself was a work of art! Have a look below at the picture I took of the roof from inside the museum! Majestic, don’t you say? 🙂


On Sundays, the museums in Munich offer a greatly discounted entrance fee of €1,00- per Adult. If I’m not wrong, children may even have it completely free! I reckon these offers give Munich’s residents an incentive to get an artsy fix in their lives every Sunday. So yea! After getting my ticket and a little ‘metal pin-on thingy’ that we had to clip onto our collars, we went on with our day at the museum.


I thought I’d share with you all a few of my favourite parts of the museum. 🙂 That is, those which I managed to remember to snap a shot of… Hahaha some got me so enthralled to the point that I had forgotten to take a picture of them. Heheh. WHooops. In any case, enjoy!! :’)


The curators in this very museum got very creative with mixing different elements within the rooms. Have a look at the metal pieces screwed into the wooden log! I must say, it was pretty entertaining to take it all in haha. 🙂


This lovely lady was pretty much an art piece herself with her gorgeous head of ginger. She looked absolutely lovely and fit right in a museum collection, which beckoned nothing else but absolute wonderment.


The museum also had a whole entire section dedicated to Audi’s designs – displaying both designs from the past and from the present. It was brilliant in showing the progression of design styles from Audi over the years. They had put in SO MUCH effort to ‘cool-ify’ the exhibition and look what they did!! They actually fixed fibreglass models of the Audi cars onto the walls – that means these models were fixed vertically. I’m not sure if you can spot me and Yun Wei in the picture haha do you see the two spots? That’s us taking this very picture from below, and that was a reflection of us from the mirror that was placed on the ceiling.



And this.. well, just because… he/ she was donning blue, I was donning blue, and yea why not. 🙈


Kim went off to get his bike so he missed out on the 阳光美少女’s selfie hahaha!! It was such a beautifully sunny evening by the time we emerged out of the museum, and before heading our separate ways, we dropped by SUPER DANKE for a healthy smoothie fix. I mean, one can never have too many fruit-based smoothies, am I right? 😉


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