Dolce & Banana


Halfway through language class, we’d always be given a 30-minute recess break, during which we could simply head off to wherever we’d like to – home, nearby shops, etc. – as long as we make it back to class in time.

Every now and then during these breaks, I’d walk over to a nearby grocery shop-cum-bakery with Yun Wei to pick up a snack or two – fruits, veggie sticks or vegan bread even. Then came a very special Tuesday when Yun Wei said she had to buy strawberries to make a strawberry glaze for the Panna Cotta she was about to make that afternoon. As we approached the humble store, I literally did a little happy dance and muffled a scream I let out hahahahaha I mayyyyyy have gotten a little overexcited… but which banana lover wouldn’t squeal at the sight of their little babies being on sale for 80cents/ kg?! This means a discount of more than 70%!! And why? Because the bananas were considered ‘too ripe’, when in actual fact, they have just reached the perfect stage of maturation for consumption.

“Reife Bananen” translates to “Ripe Bananas”. 🙂 I proceeded to get ready for battle – the battle between my desire to grab hold of as many bananas as possible and my muscles screaming in exhaustion as I strain them to carry the little yellow lovelies. I put my hair in a ponytail, rolled up my sleeves, spread on my war paint and… I’m kidding haha no drama involved, I just went straight for the kill. I ended up leaving the store with 4.25kg of bananas and 3.40€ poorer. A pretty snazzy deal, I must say!! I couldn’t have been happier in that moment. :’)

We don’t need much to be happy. We just need to learn how to appreciate the little things in
life, and in doing so, we will allow ourselves to enjoy all that life has to offer – both big and small.  

It’s the little things which make life BIG. 


Upon arriving in my apartment, I got straight into peeling the bananas and hurriedly stored them in Ziploc bags before shoving them into the freezer. I already have plans for tons of banana nice creams in the future. Hehe 😉

Truly, if we fail to prepare, we prepare to fail.


Ah and I almost forgot, I purchased a whole carton’s worth of Organic Medjool Dates (~2kg/ 4.4lbs). Talk about YUM!! :’) Haha I can barely wait for the materialisation of the plans I have for these wrinkled brown beauties – brownies, smoothies, raw cakes, bliss
balls, etc etc. The possibilities for the making of healthy goodies are simply endless!

I’m just absolutely in love with the fact that something that tastes so good could be so guilt-free and downright wonderful for our bodies. They’re rich in proteins, fibre, vitamin K, folate, Magnesium, Potassium, and Iron, all while containing NO fat at all. Thus, dates help in maintaining our digestive system and with the high Potassium and low Sodium levels, they help in regulating our nervous system.


I was rushing a little because I had plans to meet Yun Wei, Robert and Maryale for lunch at the Katzentempel (translated to Cat Temple). It is a vegan café, which has cats roaming around, sleeping anywhere where they’d like, interacting with customers and clearly bringing smiles to so many of them. :’)

Look at this cutie right here!!


Here’s an extract from the café’s website, which explains the reasons for running the business the way they do with cats – allowing customers to interact with the cats and adopt them if they wish to. It’s absolutely heart-warming. :’)

“Unfortunately, in Germany there are a lot of unscrupulous breeders who see the animals only as a ‘money-making machine’. Thus, it often happens that these animals lack socialisation with humans because the handling lacked love. The animals are often end up in a poor state of health. This is where Pedigree Cats In Need comes in. At this animal protection organisation, the animals will be cared for and nursed by a veterinarian. Fleas, giardia, cat flu and fungal infections belong to the sad everyday. All of the temple cats come from Pedigree Cats In Need, and the owners of the Katezentempel appeal to all guests and animal lovers to help with the existing overpopulation of dogs, cats and other animals by adopting animals from the shelter, from reputable animal welfare organizations or from abroad. Animals are living beings and therefore should not be treated like commodities. These “rescued animals” will thank you with unconditional love.”


For lunch, Robert had a Mexican Cous-Cous Wrap, Yun Wei had a Coconut-Curry Rice dish, while Maryale and I shared a large smoked Tofu salad, which had a Balsamico-Orange dressing
lovingly poured over the mountain of greens. It was such a wonderful experience having my taste buds enticed and my heart warmed by the sincerity of the restaurant’s hopes and wishes. I absolutely cannot wait till my next visit! :’)

Before ending off my very banana-ey post, I thought I’d share a quote I chanced upon a few days ago:

Life is full of banana skins. You slip, you carry on.” – Daphne Guinness

If we slip and fall, simply make it part of your dance.


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