Beichten ist gut für die Seele


The beautiful weather that greeted me as I woke up that morning fooled me into thinking that I’d have a day of sunshine ahead of me. Little did I know that I’d be facing a day of torrential rain and heavy winds.

Nevertheless, life goes on! I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of my excitement I had for the lunch plans I had with two lovely friends that day. 🙂

Right after class ended, Kim and Irode our bikes to Gratitude, whileYun Wei took the U-Bahn from Josephplatz to Theresienstraße. Gratitude is located at Türkenstraße, about a mere 7-minute bike ride from school, so Kim and I managed to reach the destination a little earlier than Yun Wei. We ended up spending the extra time we had walking up and down the street, exploring the area and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pleasantly surprised at the variety of options available for shopping from antique shops, book shops, thrift shops and local designers to name a few.

The selection was so natural, organic and downright rustic (I picked up a little ‘Grandma Grunge’ haha vintage lovers would really enjoy themselves here, I mean really enjoy themselves.) – clearly produced with the intention of achieving each piece’s individuality as opposed to each piece’s production in masses. I soooo prefer it this way. Individuality and uniqueness is such a special thing to be able to own and thereby express. It is unfortunate that in a time of mass production such as this we live in now, copies of everything have become a norm and the ability for self-expression slowly diminishes.

Where are my manners… I guess I probably should introduce Gratitude Café to you guys (hahahaha)!

Gratitude is a vegan café located in the vicinity of the ‘Universität (University) district’ in
Munich. It serves both Asian and Western Cuisine made from locally grown and organic produce. Their menu, which caters to all sorts of intolerances, features soups, salads, sandwiches, burritos, quesadillas, wraps, juices, smoothies, coffee, tea, etc. All void of flavour enhancers and are wonderfully guilt-free too. 🙂 Their menu is tweaked every few days to keep things exciting for their regulars!

The café’s slogan is “Einfach Natürlich Essen”, which translates to “Simply Natural Food”. I love how they are spreading the message that by appreciating the natural and unprocessed basics we are provided in life and staying away from unnecessary artificial additions, we truly can live a fulfilling and satisfying life!

For Munich students (Vegan or not), the café definitely provides convenient access to affordable, delicious and healthful food. :’) Win!!


Here they are, the two charming friends of mine. :’)

As Yun Wei laid her phone on her table, I noticed a little slip of paper slotted at the back of her phone, which could be seen through her transparent phone case. It read, “Beichten ist gut für die Seele.” I was curious as to what that slip of paper meant to her, such that she’d have it kept conspicuously, for easy viewing. She explained that she had gotten it out of a fortune cookie and that she loved the meaning that came with it. It means that to confess or to confide in someone about something is good for one’s soul. I do believe in such a saying – for how is one supposed to feel truly free and unbridled if one is permanently held down by worries or sadness OR feel truly happy if one is not able to share the happiness with anyone else?


Anddddd well hello there sweetcheeks! This was the Quesadilla dish that I was blessed with that afternoon. It was delicious in every possible way, oh gosh the way the mushrooms went so well with salad and the chickpea hummus + avocado spread… simply superduper delizioso.


*it called for a close-up!!* 

The Quesadilla was so generously topped with roasted pepitas, sunflower seeds, sliced radishes and alfalfa sprouts. :’)


Türkenstraße truly is a Vegan paradise, I mean, look at what I found 1 block down the street – SUPER DANKE!!! As I was typing this post, I realised that Gratitude and SUPER DANKE (Super Thank You) both go by the idea of giving thanks!

I wrote about this wonderful juice-cum-smoothie chain and my point on it ‘giving thanks’ in a previous post. Rightttt *here* if you’re interested. 🙂


I treated myself to their Raspberry Boost, which was a smoothie made up of raspberries, bananas, pear, silverbeet (mangold), almond pulp, almond milk and beet root! It was a cold afternoon and purchasing a cold smoothie should have probably been the last thing I did, but… it definitely was a fantastic combination. No regrets ahha! Not the slightest bit.


I was on my way home when I chanced upon this beauty. I got off my bike, fished my camera out of my bag and dismissed all worries of being judged by those around me (hahaha). I wanted to document this architectural grandeur and so I did.

Beauty must, after all, be documented and shared.


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