Leben Ist Wirklich Spannend!


On a quiet Sunday afternoon, I was facing a difficult chapter in my studies and I could think of nothing else but to shut down and just… be sad. I sat on my couch and began scrolling through my Instagram feed to take my mind off the struggles I was facing, when I chanced upon a post by @slimliketim (if anyone’s wondering, he is @bonnyrebecca’s boyfriend, an absolutely beautiful and inspiring vegan Australian couple :’) – their love story is truly heart-warming.) He wrote about how he was having post-holiday ‘come downs’ and how ‘that’s cool because it doesn’t matter where you are – happiness is a choice in the moment regardless’.

It was then and there that it struck to me that if we wanted to, we could be happy in any situation that life puts us in. It’s a choice that we can consciously make for ourselves. After all, it is our lives and no one/ nothing else should decide how we should feel about ourselves/ about life in general.

If we wanted to be happy, we could. I chose to be happy in that moment.


I refreshed myself a little, put on my favourite top and my trustee khakis, and packed my camera in my bag before taking the train that would bring me to Mariahilfplatz, where the Sommer Dult was being held.

“The Auer Dult is characteristic of Munich, the Bavarian capital. The history of the popular fair with its folkloric flair can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Three times a year, the locals flock to the Mariahilfplatz, in the part of town called the “Au”, which means “meadow” or “pasture”: here they can walk around at leisure, shop for bargains, have a bite to eat and enjoy a good time. During the “Dult”, the fairground, which spreads over 20,000 square meters, becomes an island in the heart of the city, alive with conversation and congeniality. Children young and old enjoy going on the bumper cars, the boat-like swings, the merry-go-round or the ferris wheel.”

Source: Die Auer Dult

Every time the Auer Dult is held, it is with the intention to bring merriment to the community by the means of a large gathering in the form of a market-cum-theme park celebration. The Dult that I went for this time round was held for Summer. I find it pretty cool how the locals here would consider a season of the year worthy of celebration – talk about appreciation for the simplicities in life. I love it! :’)


When I got off the U-Bahn at Frauenhoferstraße, I began heading in the direction of The Sommer Dult. I walked past rows and rows of shophouses. From local designers to hairdressers to furniture shops and to cafes, we could find anything and everything there. I even found ‘SUPER DANKE’ (literally translating to ‘SUPER THANK YOU’), which is a local smoothie/ juice/ ‘nice cream’ bar that makes all of their products from unrefined, natural and vegan sources. Fruit and veggies galore – and at a reasonable price. I think the name of their shop ties in well with their philosophy of being kind towards the Earth by promoting health through natural and unprocessed means.

They are essentially thanking Mother Earth through their kindness and mindfulness in their business ethics, and I think that that is simply wonderful.

They had a quote from Oscar Wilde printed on one of their walls, it read, “Mit dem guten Geschmack ist es ganz einfach: Man nehme von allem nur das Beste.” It means that it is very simple to make something taste good: all that one has to do would be to choose the best ingredients of all, i.e. leaving out all unnecessary chemicals and artificial ingredients.

The picture above is of the Acai Bowl which I had purchased from the SUPER friendly ‘SUPER DANKE’ team. 🙂 Absolutely delishhh!!


The Isar was also part of the path I had to take to get to The Sommer Dult. The river flows through Bad Tölz, Munich, and Landshut before reaching the Danube near Deggendorf. It has a length of 295 km and is the fourth largest river in Bavaria, after the Danube, Inn, and Main.

Loadssssss of locals and tourists flock to the Isar during the Summer. It isn’t so much a surprise, given the cool water, the fact that no money is charged for entrance (unlike some of the swimming halls around), the facilities for barbecuing/ sunbathing/ playing ball games/ cycling etc., and basically the over amazing energy that the area exudes.

It was just so energising and life-giving being in the midst of those enjoying life and appreciating Mother Nature!


There is a stretch along the Isar called Flaucher, which has been designated for wading around in the nude. In this sense, Europe is pretty for freedom in terms self-expression. Haha I suppose the statue above gives one an idea of what one could expect to see along Flaucher!

Upon reaching the fairground, and as I began walking around the area, I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the large variety of items up for sale – porcelain, pottery, household appliances, books, clothes, jewellery, herbs and spices, to name a few.


Rattan baskets!


 Handmade soaps!


Handmade ceramics!


An antique shop stocked with CDs from the 1900s, art pieces, utensils, and soft toys. I was shocked to find out that these were all second-hand items – they looked as good as new! I fell in love with so many of the antique pieces (but I held my wallet tight hahaha I promised myself to be mindful of my spending that day)! :’) I guess it’s true what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Moving on to the funfair part of the Dult! It was like a splash of colour in
every direction that I turned my head towards – it was just sooooo colourful! There
was sooooo much going on too and every corner was just filled with so much joy
and excitement. All of these positive emotions were so infectious and it
brought such a big smile to my face. 🙂 I felt so different than how I did this
morning, I was simply thankful that I fate allowed me to come across Tim’s post
on Instagram. :’) It changed everything.


There were kids running around and dragging their parents with them, trying to get their permission to go on the various rides. One in particular caught my attention when he said, “Please Mama, just one more time, I promise I’ll wash my own socks from now on even though I think they are very smelly.” Hahahahaha what a cutie!!

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.”  — Nina Dobrev


Leben ist wirklich spannend!! (Life is absolutely exciting!!) That is, if you make it to be. 

Your life depends on yourself and yourself only. Xx


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