Migration Process Pt. V; Settling In


“A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.” ― William G.T.

I must admit, I did shed a few tears during the first few days of moving into a new community. Despite the excitement I undoubtedly felt at first about this new chapter in my life, the overwhelming nature of too much change at once wiped out all excitement. For a moment, I did get upset at myself for choosing this difficult path instead of the other which was obviously the easier way out, but I knew in my heart that the anger I brewed towards myself was unwarranted. If I were to stay in the safe zone all my life, I would never grow and how would I ever say that I have lived? Life is so much about putting ourselves in situations which make us feel uncomfortable, for it is only then that we’ll struggle, grow and have the belief we have in ourselves – that we can face anything that comes our way – increased.

It was a difficult period, but someone whom I trust my life with was with me – my Dad. He made me feel safe and assured that I was ready for this.

He believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.


I was blessed with a seamless integration into this new community – forming friendships, great accessibility to Vegan food, clothes shopping, etc. Fate is so kind and I can’t seem to thank it enough for all that has been handed to me on my plate.

Not too far away from my little abode, a beautiful collection of shops and services exists. For days when I miss Singapore a little too much, a post office gives me much ease in
sending a heartfelt package home. For days when I am need of a natural ‘day brightener’, a florist exists to add a little colour and fragrance to my day. For days when I’m in need of topping up my pantry, it truly is fortunate to have Bio-Insel (‘Organic Island’), Fruchthaus (Fruit House), Obst Boutique (Vegetable Boutique), Bio-Backerei (Organic Bakery) among many others a mere 2-minute cycle away. :’) For days when the weather doesn’t permit me to drive or cycle to wherever I need to get to, the Olympiazentrum U-Bahn Station is a mere 10-minute walk away. The ease in which I can get around allowed me to assume a cloak of independence, and this freedom simply feels wonderful.

Susan B. Anthony said it right, “Independence is happiness.”


When it comes to shopping for my wardrobe, I originally did fear for the lack in ethical choices for thrift or flea shopping has not made its name yet (being positive here!) in society. I did think that local designers would be my only option, but thank the Heavens for an access to the Internet for it allowed me to discover a whole list of thrift/ flea events – one literally in my backyard! An endearing trait of the Internet is that it provides Related
to what you’ve searched for before, and it was exactly this function that allowed me to discover a whole barrage of Farmer and Organic Markets. If my stomach could give Mr. Internet a high 5, I’m pretty sure it would have. Oh blimey I can’t wait to make my way to these magical markets!! :’)

It warms my heart to know that I have not needed to change my lifestyle just because my environment has changed. It has given me so much faith and courage to keep going where my heart encourages me to do. If my environment isn’t stopping me, nothing will. I’m just so so thankful that my family knows I’m in a safe place and that their worries can be allayed.

Friends, let’s let our hearts rule.

If you can’t stop dreaming about it, don’t stop working for it. Xx


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