Migration Process Pt. IV; Finding Out How I Can Best Nourish Myself Here


My body clock hasn’t wrapped itself around the idea that I no longer live in the time zone of GMT +8.00, so (backtracking to the 2nd of July) I began my second day at my new home in the wee hours of the morning – 3.38am to be exact. I read and journalled a little before I got myself ready for the most spectacular part of the day – sunrise.

I am quite thankful for my apartment’s balcony, which grants me full view of the rising fireball. It was to be first sunrise I witness in this new home, and nothing could have prepared me for the wonder and amazement which trickled through every inch of my body as the sun rose. The sky turned into a spectacular gradient which started off as salmon pink, before blending into violet and indigo hues, and finally melting into the calmest of blues. Ah and the clouds, they were so uniformly shaped, almost as if a ‘Photoshop brush’ had been used to paint them all over the Heavens. Maybe this too was what Timothy Green (ref. to the movie, “The Odd Life Of Timothy Green”) felt as he stretched both his arms outwards and tilted his face towards the warmth and light every time the clouds or trees made way for the rays of the sun to reach him – magical, fantastical and at one with Nature.

I walked back into the apartment and got into my workout gear as my Dad and I had plans of sweating it out a little that morning and explore the neighbourhood at the same time. We had heard so much about it and were itching to see for ourselves what this area had to offer.

When we opened the front doors, a gust of air blew right into our faces and that was all we needed to have any last ounce of slumber knocked out of our consciousness – it was cool, fresh and ever so zingy. Birds were chirping, bees were buzzing, crickets were hmm ‘cricket-ing’ (?) (I googled this and apparently crickets chirp!) and a few dogs were barking in the near distance. As I walked past the greens, leaves swayed left and right while flowers such as beautiful daffodils and lavenders nodded in sync, almost as if it were rehearsed, and ultimately as they were wishing me a ‘Good Morning’. I couldn’t help but smile at this thought.

Life was clearly present in the vicinity and it made me feel ever so alive.

We spent the next hour or two switching between periods of high-knees, butt kickers, speed walking, jogging and sprinting as we did our best to absorb as much of this new environment as possible. We visited the Olympic Village which had been constructed for the 1972 Olympic Games, and as it was still pretty early when we reached the venue, we had the privilege to walk through the empty stadium, the ‘walk of fame’ wall, the tennis courts, and the various halls to name a few. The entire area was absolutely magnificent and it gave off such a grand vibe – I couldn’t help but be in awe at all the brilliance around me. The fact that a few of my sports heroes had grazed these very walls made me feel honoured to be able to stand where they stood 43 years ago.


My Dad and I also found ourselves in the midst of playgrounds, graffiti grounds, basketball and tennis courts, and numerous tracks to name a few. Truly, it was an exercise wonderland.

Thank the heavens!

What I found particularly endearing about the area was how surprisingly lovey dovey the names of the various paths and lanes were. There was one that read “Lovelockweg” (i.e. Love Lock Way), and another that read “Seelenbinder-weg” (i.e. Soul Binding Way) – both of which suggests the idea that those who walk these paths together could very well end up romantically bound to each other. Cheesy cheesy, very very cheesy, hahaha I love it. We
wondered about the truth behind the promises these names held and curiosity got the better of my Dad and I, so we walked down these paths and instantly understood.

Flora was abound and they added plenty of beauty, vibrancy, pleasing aromas, and an undoubtedly romantic vibe. Furthermore, the trees seemed to have been positioned in a way such that certain portions of the sun’s rays would hit their bark and thereby produce beautiful streaks upon the Earth. Butterflies and other little critters associated with the idea of happiness, love and luck could be found in pairs – not as individuals, not as trios, but as partners – around every nook and cranny and sigh what can I say?

Everything about these paths were mesmerizing and show nothing less but the amazing beauty that Nature clearly possesses, thereby instilling a sense of peace, happiness, rejuvenation and very possibly romance too within any passer-by. Aww :’)


Upon calling it a day, we returned to our cosy abode and proceeded to preparing breakfast. I ended up with a bowl of banana-cinnamon rolled oats, millet and wholewheat grains, topped with nuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, chopped Medjool dates and of course – not neglecting my love for berries (Wew, antioxidants galore!!) – a large (large may have very well been an understatement, whoops) handful of the freshest and zingiest blueberries, raspberries and Johannesbeeren (Johannes berries). Truly, it was health and happiness in a bowl, and I loved everything about it.

I achieved a few things that morning. For one, I knew the best spot in the apartment at which I could get the best view of the sunrise – a view which would no doubt offer me much rejuvenation and nourishment for my soul. Secondly, I found various sport facilities at which I could get a good workout and thereby jolt some life into my muscles, nerves, lungs, etc. Thirdly, I learned how to operate the stove in my kitchen in an optimal manner, thereby allowing me to easily and conveniently cook meals in the future that could properly replenish and mindfully fuel my body. Talk about a magical start to my day. :’)


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