Migration Process Pt. II; “See You Later”


I spent the last few weeks before the flight meeting up with as many cherished ones – both family and friends – as time permitted. It truly was a wonderful month of June as I caught up with old friends, made new ones and reconnected with a few others along the way. There were many moments during which my soul became intertwined with another’s – our actions mimicked each other’s, words flowed smoothly in response to the other’s, acknowledging smiles were exchanged, time disappeared without our knowledge and we digressed, my oh my did we digress.

A dear friend mentioned in a letter to me that the fact that digressing happens, means that ease, comfort and trust has been established between the individuals. Conversations flow naturally and there comes an urgency to share and include the other party in our very own beliefs, thoughts, musings, memories, experiences, and well, essentially anything that has made us who we are today.

“We could meet, mingle, and blend. Neither one of us existed any more; for a time there was a single being that was both. There was escape from the solitary cell; a brief symbiosis, sharing all the world …” ― John Wyndham, The Chrysalids

You’ve gone out of your way to make me feel special, to make me feel so loved and assured that I’d always have a friend in each of you. You have no idea how much it touches me and means to me. As my emotions, i.e. my heart, champions over and mutes my cognitive ability, words don’t seem to be able to flow as easily as they normally would – alas, the short length of this post. Regardless of it, I do hope that each and every one of you knows how cherished and appreciated you are.

Thank you for always being sincere, raw and genuine. You’ve grounded the faith in me that true friends do exist. I love and treasure you all, so so much. Till fate grants my wish of having our paths cross again, I sincerely hope you’d take care of yourselves and that, wherever you are in your lives, you’d be happy.

This isn’t a ‘goodbye’, it merely is a ‘see you later’! Xx


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