I remember the sensation of having the ocean oozing through the gaps between my toes as I trudged along alternating moist patches of freezing cold and boiling hot pools of water along the Coromandel’s Hot Water beach. Imagine melting Arctic ice blocks and Icelandic mud pools existing in one location. Yea for a moment I had a panic attack over the possibility of my tactility going mental. But I digress. Point is, I derived inexplainable comfort from stepping where the guy walking in front of me was stepping, i.e. stepping right where his feet had formed dents in the smoooshy sand. I reasoned the comfort to have been synonymous with the security that I craved in an environment I was exposing myself to for the first time in a long while. The footsteps meant that those patches were safe enough to step on and that if a person before me was left unscathed (I mean, the reality of sea urchins or crabs was pretty real where I was at.), then I’d most definitely be alright too. The thought of “following in others’ footsteps” then came to mind. This could get slightly far-fetched, but….. big picture-wise, I wondered if I’d be able to truly live if I stuck to simply going where others have gone and letting conformity taint every action of mine. Life is about a little bit of danger, isn’t it? The adrenaline rush? The spontaneity? Looking back, I probably should have wandered off on my own and experience something that maybe no one else before me had the chance to. Maybe I could’ve discovered a cave tucked away beneath the rocks. Maybe I could’ve discovered a vacant mud pool at which I would’ve gladly set up camp for the evening. The possibilities are endless and I reckon this applies for other situations in life. Follow your heart, take a chance, have faith and believe in yourself.

“Be yourself and you can be anything.”


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