Flower Psychometry & Healing

The article reads:

“One way to absorb the therapeutic properties of flowers is through what is known as flower psychometry. Psychometry means psychic touch whereby through your fingertips you acquire impressions psychically in images, words and feelings that can give you insight into the cause of your feeling ill or unhappy and ways of improving the situation.

But this psychic touch can also transmit the power of healing from the flower into your mind when you touch the stem, the leaves or the petals, to trigger your self-healing powers. Smelling the fragrance is another means of taking in healing from flowers.

You are attracted to a particular flower because its energy pattern or unique blueprint (that we all have) will put back into harmony the energy vibrations within us that is out of synch. This dis-ease within us may be manifest as a physical symptom or negative feeling. Flower power is a gift from Mother Earth and works if we allow ourselves to relax and instinctively choose a specific flower within a particular clump or flower bed without consciously making the selection.”


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