My time in Bali – Day Two


6.08am: I arose from my slumber in the midst of a paradise, blessed by calming sounds of roosters cock-a-doodle-doo-ing and dogs doing a little mash up of barking and howling. I thought, they must’ve been hungry.

Or maybe I was just portraying my hunger onto them. Either way, I savoured the moment of having such natural sounds reverberate through my ear drums. It was refreshing to be able to experience life left untouched and unaltered – no honking, no tires screeching against the asphalt, no ring tones.

My Mum was still fast asleep due to burning the midnight oil the previous night as she finished up a bit of additional work before calling it a day. I stepped off the left side of my bed and swiftly picked up a few Frangipanis which I had left scattered over the cover of my diary, before making my way over to my Mum’s bedside table, careful not to make too many squeaks as I planted my feet one after another on the wooden flooring. I left the flowers inches away from her, because hey, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a little fragrant pampering.

I believe our parents deserve to be treated like royalty, don’t you? 

I admit I am not the perfect daughter, not even close to it, but I’ll put in my best foot.


It is a daily practice at The Chillhouse to have breakfast available to the guests from 6.15am until 11.30am. I absolutely love how the appreciation for sunrises and an early start to one’s day is respected here. I thank the Heavens for this as both the former and the latter happen to be two of my daily habits. I’ve always adored sitting in silence, watching the first of the sun’s rays pierce through the darkness, warming up the Earth and the hearts of our souls. The start of any day represents an opportunity to start anew, to acknowledge the fact that today will be another chance to grow, to be kind, to live, to love and respect all beings – humans and animals alike.

After a hearty breakfast consisting of the Glowing Green Crunch Bowl and two vegan banana pancakes, I changed into my lose tank and capri tights before making my way to the Yoga ‘studio’. Well, it was more of an open space under a roof – an area where one could ‘Ohm’ in synchrony with nearby crickets, focus on one’s mind, body and soul with minimal disturbances from the outside world, and as a result find their own energy in tune with the Earth’s.


Back in Singapore, religiously practising yoga within the comforts of my humble abode has been part of my lifestyle for a good year or two, however I never got about enrolling myself in a yoga studio due to waiting out a recovering knee and well… school happened. It was therefore my first time participating in a yoga class and even though I was familiar with terms such as Upward/ Downward Dog, Sun Salutation, Cobra, or Pigeon Pose, what came across as foreign to me was how our teacher, Saffron, incorporated love and respect for the Sun, the Earth and especially our souls into her teachings during the class.

She spoke about the golden light which emanates from the sacred space where our heart sits, and that happiness is not something for us to find for it is already within us. She spoke with a conviction so infectious, I could not help but fall deeper in love with the idea of life on this wondrous planet.

I picked up the idea that our duty is to tap into this light within us and let it shine beyond our physical bodies. Let it flow out of our fingertips, and touch every being around us. I learned that anāhata (Sanskrit: अनाहत) or heart chakra is the fourth primary chakra according to Hindu Yogic, Shakta and Buddhist Tantric traditions. In Sanskrit, anāhata means “unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten”. Anāhata perfectly explains the purity that lives thrives in our hearts.

Our Earth deserves love, and I believe that if we listened more to our hearts than our heads, love could and would come naturally – championing peace and eradicating discrimination between our fellow man, allowing animals to live in a way that they rightfully should, and being grateful for Mother Nature’s graciousness as she accommodates the growing of our civilisation.

Let us be mindful.

After the supremely uplifting yoga class, I waited for my Mum’s massage session to end before we walked back to our loft together, sharing our separate experiences with each other and enjoying the grandeur of the serenity which enveloped us both.


Later in the afternoon, my Mum and I hopped into a taxi and commenced a 45-minute journey to Ubud. When we arrived, cumulonimbus clouds had already achieved a significant dominance over the previously baby blue sky. The literature geek in me could only think of two words: “pathetic fallacy”. I couldn’t deny the melancholy creeping into me as it dawned on me that this amazing trip would be coming to an end in a mere two days. I shoved this thought to the back of my mind as my Mum and I braved through the weather with my trustee platinum pink brolly. We weaved through throngs of tourists busy haggling with shopkeepers, enjoying the Balinese cuisine and holding cheeky poses for pictures. It was interesting to witness the interaction between tradition and modernity as the traditional Balinese would adopt a persona to conform to the mannerisms of the modern western culture.


While in Ubud, we visited a deserted temple and captured a few shots of the ancient wonder before we indulged in a bit of shopping. ‘A bit’ may have been an understatement. Whoopsie daisies. 😉 I mean what can I say, I do have a vision for what my future apartment will look like, and the most accurate way to describe it would be having a back to basics/ untouched/ natural feel in the living space. That would mean heaps of fresh Earthy colours contributed by Ratan, wood, batik/ tie-dyed sarongs, and I suppose irridescent shells too – all of which, thankfully, were in abundance in Ubud. Modernity isn’t really my thing and I have faith that my preferred living style would allow me to save up on quite a lot of money – this fruitful shopping trip was proof. :’)

Dearest Ubud, I’ll be back for sure!


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