My time in Bali – Day One


I have been feeling a pull away from life for quite a while, and somehow going back to basics in a rural part of Bali seemed like the perfect solution. Three days later, I found myself seated at 44K, GA841’s window seat, simply mesmerized by the beauty that protruded from the Earth’s surface in the form of volcanoes. After braving a landing which scarily looked as though we would end up in the sea, the plane touched down.

I couldn’t help but notice how much things have changed over time – terminal gates were now in the form of cheeky pagodas and nature’s presence peppered the entirety of the Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar, Bali – I figured, change is the only constant in life, isn’t it?

It was slightly before lunch time when my Mum & I checked into The Chillhouse in Canggu, Bali. It was EVERYTHING I had imagined – zen, refreshing, and brimming with warm fuzziness (and I do not speak about the weather). It had been a while since I have felt peace surround me to an extent which had been reached during my first steps into the resort.

Sparklers exploded in my heart.


I knew this was the place for us when I opened the doors to the Gerry Lopez Treetop Hut. Guests received a complimentary coconut as a welcoming gift, and a fruit platter was placed on the side table for our snacking pleasure. I mean, how did they know?! The view of Eco Beach was spectacular, the loft was splattered with hues of blue, and

– the Frangipanis. 

Frangipanis were lovingly sprinkled all over the room – in between towels, over the bed, and on the stairs even. They produced wafts of absolutely invigorating scents to say the least. Were they lovely!


I changed into my favourite blue Bohemian Sundress, and slipped into a pair of strapped sandals before exploring my home for the next few days. I was
warmly invited by smiles and heaps of ‘hello’s from a couple of free-spirited travellers. Introductions and subsequent conversations were well on their way and I could not deny how magical it felt to have been able to transition from the ‘new kid’ to one who actually belonged within a matter of seconds. It must have been the Bali Charm. There’s just something about this place – something undeniably special. Love and positive energy abound.


The hungry child in me directed my feet towards the dining area and I ended up treating myself to a ‘Yes Please’ Jar of goodness. It was generously topped to the brim with nothing short of what floats my boat – coconut chia pudding, hot pink dragonfruit and frozen bananas whipped with soy milk to a yummiliciously thick consistency, nuts, seeds, and coconut flakes.

Heaven on Earth, really.

I must say I did love the cheeky touch of the mint leaves.


It wasn’t too long before my Mum & I headed over to Seminyak – a location raved about for being a Bohemian hub where lovers of the Bohemian lifestyle are sure to be satiated with an abundance of clothing, accessories, furniture and little trinkets to name a few. I remember the trip being a constant battle between reaching out and recoiling my hands countless times as I mentally debated over purchasing souvenirs versus controlling my expenses. The struggle was real, and the only reason I accepted for purchasing anything was explaining to myself that my purchases were to be given to others as presents. After all, it is in giving that we receive, right?

Tanah Lot was next. We arrived around 5.27pm, about 33 minutes away from the stipulated sunset for the day. We sauntered around the area, prepping ourselves (and our camera) for the beautiful sunset that we were promised. As the whole lot of us tourists settled down by the pier, I overheard an elderly man say, “Oh no no no, no selfie for me, I’m too old for them.” I could not help but feel a little cringe in my heart at the thought of growing old equating to losing touch with the ways of the younger generation. I’m a firm believer of age not defining one’s boundaries. I mustered an encouraging smile in his direction, and muttered, “Do what makes you happy, live to your heart’s content.” His toothless grin in response to my statement melted my heart.

Day = made.


As you would have probably guessed by the picture above, the clouds championed over the sun that day. Regardless, it was a place I had been to as a young child, and going back there that day was a wonderful opportunity to relive heart-warming memories – most of which were of my Mum and Dad holding my hands to help me achieve some balance as I gingerly wobbled over the tips of dried-up coral along the beach. Going back to Tanah Lot as a 19-year-old, and being able to walk over the same corals with ease, I could not help but think big picture-wise and be thankful for having had guidance as a young child – guidance which eventually allowed me to spread my own wings and fly.


Darkness enveloped the sky pretty swiftly, significantly faster than it does back in Singapore. It wasn’t long before finding my footing on the ground
became an issue because Bali isn’t so big on street lamps or lighting up any area for that matter. I value this lack of light pollution though, for the stars had a more powerful presence at night.

Back at The Chillhouse, dulled sounds of ‘The Food Gong’ rang through the quaint resort as 7pm struck. The bells signalled the commencement of dinner for everyone. This was a practice I was particularly fond of. I adored how every guest promptly walked over to the dining area and took any seats they fancied along the long wooden tables. I loved how eating was a shared activity, and that it was the time of day during which everyone was given a chance to interact and form connections with others from all over the world. Geographical boundaries seemed to dissolve during those moments of sharing, and for a moment, it did seem as though the entirety of this Earth was present at the dinner table – the experiences, the thoughts, the customs and traditions. I was particularly bemused at the fact that despite being part of the same human race, each one of us differed so beautifully from one another. None of us were the same/ close to being identical. We are all unique and I love that about us – the human race. The idea of ‘fitting in’ began to struck me as something utterly meaningless. Dear friends, do stick out of the crowd if that’s what your personality beckons. To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.

After a gorgeous shower underneath the stars and mango trees, my Mum & I retreated to our beds, feeling excited for all that was to come our way the next day.


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