6-Ingredient Banana Bliss Balls

On Monday, I was starting to feel better and was ready to go out again, this time, to meet Jo… or so I thought. I forgot to update my calendar that Jo and I had postponed our catch-up to Friday and hence found myself in Holland Village at 3.30pm, clueless.

“Oh Nat, You’re such a fool,” I laughed to myself as I realised my foolish mistake. Who knew that the song (Fools [Bonus Track] by Dresses) I had been absolutely head over heels with the whole morning was trying to tell me something…

‘And it’s cool, we are fools
Confused, we are fools…’

Alex told me to ‘make an adventure out of today’, so I did, in the kitchen.

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Uhh, Vegan Cheezy Spread?


“I want the world to know that everybody deserves a second chance.” — El DeBarge

Even Nutritional Yeast?

It didn’t cut it for me when I first tried it almost a year ago, but after seeing this and this and this, and the reviews they received, I couldn’t help but feel intrigued. Did I make a wrong judgement? Maybe I bought a not-so-delicious brand the first time round?

An impulse buy maybe, but I bought nutritional yeast that same afternoon and made a ‘cheezy spread’ that evening. Let’s just say I felt immensely repulsed by it. I tried a few other recipes, and a couple of variations, but still, nope. The problem isn’t nutritional yeast, it’s just me. I think I’ve found something I simply couldn’t stomach even if I forced myself to.


Remembering: Day 18 of 28


DAY 18 in Cochem and Trier, Germany:

Disaster struck that morning — a landslide occurred on one side of the Rhine valley, which meant that instead of having one-way rail tracks on either side of the valley, we had trains going in opposite directions taking turns to use the single railway track on the landslide-spared side of the valley. Our alarm clock was set for our original earlier arrival in Koblenz, so we were up a little too early, munching away on our packed wraps as we admired the gradually brightening German landscape before us. Miriam went back to sleep while I stayed by the exit, hoping I would spot the Loreley or any of the famous hilltop castles (e.g. Schloss Kaub) and fortresses Dad told me to look out for.

Other than the occasional boys who passed by me to use the restroom, I was standing by myself. The train wasn’t chugging away, it was quiet, it was a place of calm and peace. I closed my eyes and silenced my thoughts for they had been slightly haphazard lately. Travelling from place to place to place in quick succession tends to make me feel a little unsettled. Just as a place begins to grow on me, I pull my roots out and move on. But I guess that’s what I love about travelling too — moving on.

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Remembering: Day 17 of 28


DAY 17 in Lörrach, Germany & Colmar, France & Basel, Switzerland:

Street after narrow street of half-timbered, half-painted houses, Colmar is a charming, old medieval, storybook town dating to the days of Emperor Charles the Fat. Colmar offers a cobblestone dreamland of Renaissance homes to explore.

Now here’s a funny story. We weren’t actually supposed to make it to Colmar. Initially, it had made it into our gallivanting around Europe, but due to time constraints and our intention to immerse ourselves as much as possible into every place we head to, we decided to take Colmar and Nice out of our itinerary.

But we did make it to Colmar, and this was how it happened.

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The Marriage Between Oranges, Berries & Cacao

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Months and months and months overdue!

I’ll keep this post short and sweet. I was at the mercy of a cold and had gotten up at 5.15am that day but only got out of bed at 5.42am after deciding at 5.23am that my body wasn’t up for the run I was planning for that morning before school. I had spare time seeing as I couldn’t fall back into slumber, so I decided to bake.

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