A Major Throwback, Day 13: Flying Back To Singapore — We Did It!!


17.02.2015: Auckland, New Zealand — Singapore

Our multiple alarms — multiple, following my Mum’s advice — rang at 4am, 4.05am, and 4.10am. We awoke punctually at 4am, thus leaving ourselves flustered and slightly irritated as our groggy 4am selves kept forgetting to switch off the subsequent alarms so we ended up having to run back to our phone every five minutes to switch the remaining alarms off. Breakfast in the airport was quick — smoothies and sandwiches — before I posed with a llama (below) and we trailed into the plane with the rest of the passengers.

We were (and still are) thankful for having gotten permission from our parents to go for this trip, for the safety we enjoyed, the sights we saw and the friends we made. This was the first time either of us had gone off for a trip without our parents/ school teachers, and it will forever be remembered as ‘the first trip as (sort of) grown-ups’. Our adventures brought us far from home, but closer to each other. I’m so glad I found a true friend in You, Niki. ❤

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Introducing Charity Miles & My ‘Deer’ Friends


This is just wonderful in every possible way.
Thank You so so much for sharing this with me, Miriam.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” 
― John Bunyan

If You need an extra boost of motivation to get out of Your house and exercise, download ‘Charity Miles‘ for FREE from the AppStore. The distance You clock (whilst walking/ running/ cycling) gets translated into money that will be donated to Your charity of choice! (feat. my ‘deer’ friends who keep me company when I run) More info in the video below! Xx

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A Major Throwback, Day 12: Coromandel, New Zealand (Narnia’s Cathedral Cove, Hot Sand Beach, Waiau Kauri Grove & Barry Brickell Driving Creek Railway!)

16.02.2015: Coromandel, New Zealand

It was our last full day in New Zealand and we sure did end it with a blast — Coromandel style. We had booked a tour to bring us all the way to Coromandel to see some of the natural wonders and quirks from that part of the country, namely the famous Cathedral Cove, the really interesting (and slightly confusing) hot sand beaches, the endangered Kauri trees and even the really cute/ cheeky/ interesting Barry Brickell Driving Creek Railway! Niki and I were out the door by 6.20am because we had to catch the 6.50am pick-up a couple blocks down.

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Erding Street Food Festival


I crossed another thing off my bucket list yesterday: Attend a Walhalla Street Food Festival. A ‘Street Food Festival’ is, simply put, a congregation of food trucks offering cuisines from all over the world and selling them with affordable price tags. Mintra, Wei and I took an accidental detour and alighted the train a stop too early, which effectively pushed us an hour back on our schedule, but all was made well when we entered the festival grounds and spotted Indian, Ethiopian, Tibetan, Chinese, Mexican, and American among so many others. We were thrilled!

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A Major Throw Back, Day 11: Auckland, New Zealand (Markets & One Tree Hill)


15.02.2015: Auckland, New Zealand

Back in Auckland again, and this time, we didn’t have solid plans for the rest of the day. We simply went where our feet took us — a Farmers’ market, a French market, planetariums, wide fields filled with grazing sheep (apt, CNY had just passed and 2015 was the year of the sheep according to the Chinese zodiac) and all the way to the obelisk on the top of One Tree Hill. It was a spectacular journey around the city.

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A Major Throwback, Day 10: Waiheke, New Zealand (Valentine’s Day With Family Friends, Mr & Mrs Meek)

14.02.2015: Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Valentine’s Day at Waiheke was so calming, comforting and special, I only have good memories from this day that began with a morning jog by the Onetangi coastline. We woke up a little before 6am and took off as most of the beachside town was still fast asleep. The air was crisp, the breeze was cool, and, aside from the seagulls, crashing waves and the rustling leaves in the distance, there was peace.

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